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- Picture of the Month 319 -
The Croft, Goldcroft Common, 1907

The Croft, Goldcroft Common, 1907

Dave Rannard has contacted us from across the water (not the Bristol Channel... the Atlantic).

He has sent us photos from his Grandmother's photo album. These show his grandmother - Johanna Cope - , mother - Dorothy Cope (as a toddler)  - and uncle - Trevor Cope (as a baby) - in the company of the Parry family from the Croft.

Above and below you can see photos of the Croft which nowadays has been converted into a nursing home - Caerleon House. Further down the page you will find pictures of the Parry and Cope families.


The Croft, Goldcroft Common, 1907

Thomas Parry in porch of the Croft Caerleon
Above, Thomas Parry in porch of the Croft.

Below, the young girl with ribbons in her hair is Dave's mother Dorothy Cope,
the baby is her brother, Trevor  and their mother, Johanna, is sitting on the extreme right.


Dave told us:

Johanna, my mother Dorothy and my grandfather, William Henry Cope visited Caerleon between August/September 1907 and October 1908. I believe they likely lived at Lulworth house during that time with Margaret and Alfred Morris and Martha Cope. During that time their son Trevor, brother to Dorothy, was born and I think Hilda Parry is holding him on her lap in the picture. I suspect the gentleman in the picture is Arthur Parry (who would have been 27/28 years)and also his wife and possibly their two young daughters.

The Cope family were maltsters in Farnam House (now gone, it was near the Bull in High Street) and after that at Lulworth House (now the Malthouse Hotel). Later two sisters, Martha and Margaret Cope, ran a school in Lulworth House.

Thomas Parry was a local auctioneer, and a Councillor of Newport Borough, a Guardian of the Poor for Caerleon, a Magistrate, Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Alderman of the Monmouthshire County Council, Mayor of Newport in 1907, President of the Newport Chamber of Commerce, Managing Director of the St Julians Brick Company, and a Governor of the Williams (School) Charity. He was also a Churchwarden of Caerleon Parish Church (St Cadocs). His son, Arthur, also was an auctioneer. A tombstone (now lying flat with the writing covered) in St Cadocs Churchyard reads:

Charlotte Anne Tannie
The beloved wife of Thomas Parry JP, The Croft Caerleon
and daughter of Matthew and Marry Ann Hirst (of) Dowlais
Born September 20  1849
Also of the above named Thomas Parry JP
who died May 26 1935 aged 83 years
He was an Alderman of the County
and Borough Freeman of Newport
Also the only son of the above
Arthur Cecil Parry
died May 21 1958 aged 78 years.

The Croft was probably built soon after 1891 when Thomas Parry was given permission by the Board of Guardians of the Poor for its construction on unused allotments that had once been part of Goldcroft Common.

Many thanks to Bob Trett and Dave Rannard for their help with this feature.

If you have any pictures or information we can add to this page please contact us via the form below.

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