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This copper medal was struck to commemorate the opening of the new Roman Legionary Museum in Caerleon in 1987.

Around 1300 copper medals were struck by David Holland of the Bigbury Mint. 900 were given to local school children and another 250 were struck at the amphitheatre for the Isca Festival on June 13th, 1987. Those produced in Caerleon are often slightly offset, as is the one pictured here.

In addition, 350 silver medals were struck bearing the same design, these were given as commemorative gifts to dignitaries or sold in the museum shop.

Designed by G C Boon, the one side shows the original porch of 1850 and bears the text: "ROMAN LEGIONARY MUSEUM CAERLEON 1850 - 1987." The other shows the Capricorn symbol adopted by Augustus, the founder of Caerleon's Roman Legion (LEGIO II AVGVSTA); the text reads: "FEL TEMP REPARATIO" (FELIX TEMPORUM REPARATIO) which rather appropriately translates as: "Happy renewal of the times."

Many thanks to Norman Stevens for the photographs and the Roman Legionary Museum for the background information.

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