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Aerial photograph of the Roman gates excavation, Caerleon.  It also shows much of the centre of the village including the church and Cambria House.
Aerial photo of excavations on the 'Roman Gates' site (centre picture).
Excavation started January 2nd 1980 and was concluded May 10th 1981. During this period approximately 1000 square metres was stripped of topsoil and excavated to a depth of up to 2 metres below the modern ground surface.
Amongst the structures uncovered were: a section of the ramparts including a turret; roadways; ovens and barrack buildings. During Roman occupation the buildings had gone through six structural phases and evidence of occupation in the fifth century and early medieval times was found.

For more information on the excavations read "ROMAN GATES CAERLEON", by D R Evans and V M Metcalf, published 1992, ISBN 0 946897 36 0.

Photo courtesy of The Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd.