Caerleon Post Office, Cross Street, August 1911

From left to right:
Florence Sarah Green, Edwin Arnold Green, William Williams, Billy Bowerman, Fred Bowerman, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Fanny Taylor, Aggie Taylor.

You might be surprised that the Post Office was not in its present location. The house facing us gives a strong clue as to its former position - Cross Street, near the junction with Backhall Street.
John's Newport Directory for 1911 tells us Edwin Green was the postmaster, " Letters from all parts arrive (from Newport) at 4.15 am, 8.15 am (North), and 2.45 pm, and are dispatched thereto at 8.40 and 11.50 am, 2.00, 5.45 (North and General), and 9.00 pm. It is a Money order, Telegraph office and Savings bank."
An examination of the commercial section of the directory reveals that the premises also made (and sold) boots. Furthermore Thos. Phillips of 4 Norman Street and John Whitting, also of Norman Street, were postmen.. Maybe they are two of the group.
We are informed: "Letter Post. To and from all parts of the United Kingdom, the prepaid rates are:- Not exceeding 4oz in weight 1d. For every additional 2 oz - 1/2d. No letter may exceed two feet in length, one foot in width, or one foot in depth, unless it be sent to or from a Government office."

Kelly's 1901 directory of Caerleon tells us that the post office was run by John and Joseph Green. At that time Edwin Green was house agent, boot & shoe maker, assistant overseer & tax collector & collector to the Urban District Council.
Hard work must have suited Edwin, as Johns' 1934 directory informs us he was still running the Post Office!

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