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Old Watermill at Caerleon
'as it stood in 1842'
By permission of Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru /
The National Library of Wales
Accession Number: PA05412

The names of several of the roads in Caerleon remind us of landmarks no longer with us, for example: Castle Street, Cross Street, Station Road, Tram Road, Tanhouse Drive and Mill Street.

Mill Street took its name from the corn mill that once stood a little way from the road, towards the river, just past the present entrance to Cambria Close (see Coxe's map 1801). It was a watermill, and was fed by a leat or mill race which ran down from the Afon Lwyd starting between Caerleon and Ponthir.

We believe the picture above to be this mill. It was published in 1847 and is titled "Old Watermill at Caerleon (as it stood in 1842)". It is one of the many interesting images to be seen on the National Library of Wales' website:

The miller lived nearby in what is now called Millbrook House, a building which dates back to the 1700s. As well as running the mill, he was responsible for keeping the 2 mile long mill race flowing freely and clear of weeds.

The Caerleon Tinplate works also used the leat for waterpower, and problems arose in the mid 19th century when they enlarged the top end of it to increase the flow of water. This caused flooding further down and a legal battle ensued for several years over who was liable for the damage.

See also the magic lantern slide of Llansoar Mill.

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