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Magic Lantern Slide - "Llansoar Mill, Caerleon"

We are travelling a little way out of the town for this item.

The magic lantern slide has the title "Llansoar Mill, Caerleon" written on it.

It is obviously a water mill, and there were several other mills in and around Caerleon (see also a print of the mill just off Mill Street, Caerleon). Water power being in good supply in the area.

Lan-Sôr Mill still exists and although the waterwheel has gone there are still signs of it once being a working mill. It is situated a few miles from Caerleon, just off the delightful road which runs between Croesyceiliog and the Usk Road, near Llandegfedd.

Lan-Sôr Mill today. Notice the door and windows in the wall facing us are still in the same relative positions.

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