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The Seal of the Mayor of Caerleon -see notes below
We are fortunate to have such a fine Museum in Caerleon. However, it does seem a shame that only the Roman history of the area is reflected in the artefacts on display. This was not always the case … when first established, objects on display in the museum dated from pre-Roman to civil war times. This item is such an example.

This is an engraving of a cast of an original seal of the former mayors of Caerleon. The cast, which was displayed in the Museum, was donated in the mid 19th century by Henry Montonnier Hawkins of Tredunnock. In 1860 he explained how he came by the object as follows:

"When looking over, some years since, a box of old papers, deeds, and other curiosities which had belonged to the late William Nicholl, Esq., of Caerleon (my grandfather), I found in a small box the impression in red wax; and upon it written, 'Taken from the seal of the Mayor of Caerleon;' but when or how it came into my grandfather's possession I know not. He might have seen the old, original seal in the possession of some one in Caerleon, and had the impression taken off; or he might have only come into the possession of the impression, taken perhaps many years before, and perhaps the only remains in my grandfather's time of the mayor's seal, which might have been taken many years previously. The impression that I found was destroyed by the cast that was taken from it. … The mayor of Caerleon's seal was most likely granted by one of the Welsh Lords of Caerleon, being part of the arms of the Lords, who used three castles on their seal."

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