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1901 Census Caerleon District 14 and the Industrial Schools

Caerleon, Page: 27  District: 14

Place First Name Last Name Relnshp Age Occupation
Gas Works Cottage (Off the Usk Rd) Edith Underwood Daughter 13
Gas Works Cottage (Off the Usk Rd) Ethel Underwood Daughter 13
Gas Works Cottage (Off the Usk Rd) John C Underwood Son 12
Gas Works Cottage (Off the Usk Rd) Arthur G Underwood Son 6
Gas Works Cottage (Off the Usk Rd) William Underwood Son 4
Tram Road George Titterington Head 48 Steel cut nail maker
Tram Road Elizabeth Titterington Wife 53 Dressmaker
Tram Road Arthur F Duffield Stepson 17 Blacksmith's Apprentice
Usk Road William Jones Head 44 General Labourer
Usk Road Charlet Jones Wife 45
Usk Road George Jones Son 22 Deneral Labourer
Usk Road Roser Jones Daughter 14 General Servant Domestic
Usk Road Flourance Jones Daughter 12
Usk Road Bessie Jones Daughter 8
Usk Road Charley Jones Son 7
Usk Road Tom Jones Son 4
Usk Road Elizabeth Edwards Head 55 Charwoman
Usk Road Benjamin Edwards Son 14 Errand Boy
Usk Road John Edwards Son 12
Tram Road Mary Ann Merchant Head 50 Charwoman
Tram Road Mary J Merchant Daughter 21
Tram Road George H Merchant Son 14
Tram Road Hannah Merchant Daughter 12
Tram Road (Uninhabited)
Tram Road Robert Durrant Head 76 Cabinet Maker Retired
Tram Road Martha Durrant Wife 70
Tram Road (Uninhabited)
Tram Road George James Head 46 Market Gardener
Tram Road Jane James Wife 40
Tram Road William Richards Servant 17 Domestic Servant Gardener

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