2007 Excavations - Golledge's Field and Priory Field
The 2007 excavation in Golledge's Field. Roman tile showing part of the LEG II AVG stamp. Samian ware pottery.

Above: trench in Golledge's Field; roof tiles; Samian ware;

right: sieving the soil; one of the six square trenches in Priory Field.

All photos copyright Caerleon Net.

Sieving the soil for small artefacts One of the small square test pits dug in the Priory field.

Excavations were conducted by teams from Cardiff University and UCL under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Gardner and Dr. Peter Guest.

One rectangular trench 20m x 2m was dug in Golledge's Field and six 2m square evaluation trenches were explored in Priory field. The locations were chosen as a result of 'geophys' surveys conducted Easter 2006 and 2007. (See link below). Unlike the 2008 excavations, the archaeologists only went down to the top of the Roman remains.

The purpose of the Gollege's Field trench was to compare findings with those of earlier digs - in particular the exact locations of walls could be plotted using modern technology enabling more accurate alignment of other unexcavated remains. All soil was sieved to ensure total recovery of artifacts from the plough soil.

  • To read the interim report of these excavations follow this link. (PDF 2.3 MB. Opens in a new window. Close the window to return to Caerleon Net.)
  • For the interim report of the 2006 geophysical survey follow this link. (PDF 8MB. Opens in a new window. Close the window to return to Caerleon Net.)
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