Geoffrey Of Monmouth
'Historia Regum Brittaniae'
The History of the Kings of Britain

- Contents -

CHAP. I. - Geoffrey of Monmouthís Preface to Merlinís Prophecy
CHAP. II. - Geoffreyís Letter to Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln
CHAP. III. - The Prophecy of Merlin
CHAP. IV. - The Continuation of the Prophecy

CHAP. I. - Vortegirn asks Merlin concerning his own Death
CHAP. II. - Aurelius Ambrosius, being anointed King of Britain, burns Vortegirn besieged in a Tower
CHAP. III. - The Praise of Aureliusís Valour. The Levity of the Scots exposed. Forces raised against Hengist
CHAP. IV. - Hengist marches with his Army against Aurelius, into the Field of Maisbeli
CHAP. V. - A Battle between Aurelius and Hengist
CHAP. VI. - Hengist, in a Duel with Eldol, is taken by him. The Saxons are slain by the Britons without Mercy
CHAP. VII. - Hengist is beheaded by Eldol
CHAP. VIII. - Octa, being besieged in York, surrenders himself to the Mercy of Aurelius
CHAP. IX. - Aurelius, having entirely routed the Enemies, restores all Things in Britain, especially Ecclesiastical Affairs, to their ancient State
CHAP. X. - Aurelius is advised by Merlin to remove the Giantsí Dance from the Mountain Killaraus
CHAP. XI. - Uther Pendragon is appointed with Merlin to bring over the Giantsí Dance
CHAP. XII. - Gillomanius being routed by Uther, the Britons bring over the Giantsí Dance into Britain
CHAP. XIII. - Pascentius brings in the Saxons against the Britons
CHAP XIV. -  Pascentius, assisted by the King of Ireland, again invades Britain. Aurelius dies by the Treachery of Eopa, a Saxon
CHAP. XV. - A Comet presignifies the Reign of Uther
CHAP. XVI. - Pascentius and Gillomanius are killed in Battle
CHAP. XVII. - Uther Pendragon is made King of Britain
CHAP. XVIII. - Octa and Eosa are taken in Battle
CHAP. XIX. - Uther, falling in Love with Igerna, enjoys her by the Assistance of Merlinís Magical Operations
CHAP. XX. - Gorlois being killed, Uther marries Igerna
CHAP. XXI. - Octa and Eosa renew the War. Lot, a Consul, marries the Kingís Daughter
CHAP. XXII. - Uther, being ill, is carried in a Horse-litter against  the Enemy
CHAP. XXIII. - Octa and Eosa, with a great Number of their Men, are killed
CHAP. XXIV. - Uther, upon drinking Spring Water that was trea≠cherously poisoned by the Saxons, dies

CHAP. I. - Arthur succeeds Uther his Father in the Kingdom of Britain, and besieges Colgrin CHAP. II. - Hoel sends Fifteen Thousand Men to Arthurís Assist≠ance
CHAP. III. - Arthur makes the Saxons his Tributaries
CHAP. IV. - Dubriciusís Speech against the treacherous Saxons. Arthur with his own Hand kills Four Hundred and Seventy Saxons in one Battle. Colgrin and Baldulph are killed in the same
CHAP. V. - The Saxons, after their Leader Cheldric was killed, are all compelled by Cadar to surrender
CHAP. VI. - Arthur grants a Pardon to the Scots and Picts, be≠sieged at the Lake Lumond
CHAP. VII. - Arthur relates the wonderful Nature of some Ponds
CHAP. VIII. - Arthur restores York to its ancient Beauty, especi≠ally as to its Churches
CHAP. IX. - Arthur honours Augusel with the Sceptre of the Scots; Urian with that of Mureif; and Lot with the Consul≠ship of Londonesia
CHAP. X. - Arthur adds to his Government Ireland, Iceland, Gothland, and the Orkneys
CHAP. XI. - Arthur subdues Norway, Dacia, Aquitaine, and Gaul
CHAP. XII. - Arthur summons a great many Kings, Princes, Archbishops, &c. to a solemn Assembly at the City of Legions
CHAP. XIII. - A Description of the Royal Pomp at the Coronation of Arthur
CHAP. XIV. - After a Variety of Sports at the Coronation, Arthur amply rewards his Servants
CHAP. XV. - A Letter from Lucius Tiberius, General of the Romans, to Arthur being read, they consult about an Answer to it
CHAP. XVI. - Arthur, holding a Council with the Kings, desires every one of them to deliver their opinions
CHAP. XVII. - The Opinion of Hoel, King of Armorica, concern≠ing a War with the Romans
CHAP. XVIII. - The Opinion of Augusel
CHAP. XIX. - They unanimously agree upon a War with the Romans
CHAP. XX. - Arthur prepares for a War, and refuses to pay   Tribute to the Romans

CHAP. I. - Lucius Tiberius calls together the Eastern Kings against the Britons
CHAP. II. - Arthur commits to his Nephew Modred the Govern≠ment of Britain. His Dream at Hamoís Port
CHAP. III. - Arthur kills a Spanish Giant who had stolen away Helena, the Niece of Hoel
CHAP. IV. - Arthurís Ambassadors to Lucius Tiberius deliver Petreius Cotta, whom they took Prisoner, to Arthur
CHAP. V. - The Romans attack the Britons with a very great Force, but are put to flight by them
CHAP. VI. - Lucius Tiberius goes to Lengriae. Arthur, designing to vanquish him, by a stratagem possesses himself of the Valley of Suesia
CHAP. VII. - Arthurís Exhortation to his Soldiers
CHAP. VIII. - Lucius Tiberius, discovering Arthurís Design, in a Speech animates his Followers to fight
CHAP. IX. - A Battle between Arthur and Lucius Tiberius
CHAP. X. - Hoel and Walgan signalize their Valour in the Fight
CHAP. XI. - Lucius Tiberius being killed, the Britons obtain the Victory
CHAP. XII. - Part of the Romans flee; the Rest, of their own Accord, surrender themselves for Slaves
CHAP. XIII. - The Bodies of the Slain are decently buried, each in their respective Countries

CHAP. I. - Modred makes a great Slaughter of Arthurís Men, but is beaten, and flees to Winchester
CHAP. II. - Modred, after being twice besieged and routed, is killed. Arthur, being wounded, gives up the Kingdom to Constantine
CHAP. III. - Constantine meets with Disturbances from the Saxons and Modredís Sons
CHAP. IV. - Constantine, after having murdered the Sons of Mo≠dred, is himself killed by Conan
CHAP. V. - Aurelius Conan reigns after Constantine
CHAP. VI. - Wortiporius, being declared King, conquers the Saxons
CHAP. VII. - Malgo, King of Britain, and a most graceful Person, addicts himself to Sodomy
CHAP. VIII. - Britain, in the Flame of a Civil War under King Careticus, is miserably wasted by the Saxons and Africans
CHAP. IX. - The Author upbraids the Britons
CHAP. X. - Loegria is again inhabited by the Saxons. The Bri≠tons, with their Bishops, retire into Cornwall and Wales
CHAP. XI. - The Britons lose their Kingdom
CHAP. XII. - Augustine, being sent by Pope Gregory into Britain, preaches the Gospel to the Angles
CHAP. XIII. - Edelfrid kills a great Number of the British Monks, but is at last routed by the Britons