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Atwood Thorne of the Mynde caerleon drawn by J H Dowd

The drawing this side was executed by J H Dowd.

James H Dowd was born in 1884. He worked as a draughtsman, etcher and painter. He was a regular contributor to "The Graphic" and in 1906 began to have his work published in "Punch Magazine". In 1925 he created the illustrations for a story which appeared in the London Evening News on December the 24th. The story was entitled "Winnie The Pooh" - this was later to become the first chapter of AA Milne's book (though the illustrations in the book were not drawn by Dowd). He provided drawings for several books including "Important People" (1930) and "People and Importance" (1934). Just how he came to produce this drawing is not known. If you can throw some light on it, please get in touch.

Of course the Roman Amphitheatre had not long been excavated in 1930.

Interesting to note the comment in the top right corner: "THE MYNDE CAERLEON MON. ENGLAND NOT WALES."

Other side

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