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The Mound Caerleon

This sketch by Maybery shows us how the Mound appeared before trees engulfed it. The path can clearly be seen spiralling up around it and possibly the two figures on it are Atwood and his sister. The tunnel entrance and Roman pillars can be seen - to find out more about these visit our section on The Mynde.

Cecil Davies well remembers the horse and cow pictured in the foreground. Atwood rode the horse; the cow was kept for milk. Eventually the cow became difficult to control; it spent its latter years at Tanhouse Farm.

When the Dawsons first moved in, the Mound was a public monument and people would have picnics on it. It is interesting to speculate what would have become of the area had Caerleon UD Council accepted Atwood Thorne's offer. On the one hand one can imagine what a fine amenity it could have made - then again, had certain planners been let loose on it who can say what would have become of it! At one time, areas of Backhall Street were due to be demolished and were only saved by a change of staff in the planning department! On balance it is probably better that the Mynde stayed in private ownership - and still retains its air of mystery.

Altogether an exceptional Christmas card … which still holds a few secrets.

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