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Photo Source:
'Memories of Newport'
True North Books Ltd

Air raid preparations - Caerleon Town Hall.

Photo Source:
'Memories of Newport'
True North Books Ltd

Some of the boys outside Cambria House.

1982, Cambria House was demolished to make way for an ambulance station.

Photo Source:
'Caerleon Scenes Past'
Old Bakehouse Publications

Sonia Fisher kindly allowed us to use these photos.

The top picture show the children outside Cambria House. Sonia's father, George Phillips, is stood at the back on the left. Sonia believes the man at the back on the right was George's best friend, Jack Hart.

One Sunday George would take 12 children home to tea at 32 Corelli Street, Newport. The next Sunday Jack would take 12 to tea at Clayton Street. George's Parents, William and Ethel, already had 8 children to feed and making ends meet was a struggle. The Phillips family were keen supporters of the Labour Party, which strongly backed the cause of the Basques, and this may explain their involvement.

The children were upset when they knew George and Jack had volunteered to join the army - they had left a war zone and were afraid for them.

Tragically, Jack was killed shortly after the war when a truck he was diving was blown up by a land mine.

(Left) George and the staff of Cambria House.

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