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1901 Census Caerleon District 14 and the Industrial Schools

Property location: Goldcroft Common Caerleon

First Name Last Name Relshp Age Occupation Where born Page Dist.
Thomas Parry Head 48 Auctioneer Valuer and Superintendent Registrar Monmouthshire, Llandegveth 29 14
Charlotte A Parry Wife 51 Glamorganshire, Dowlais 29 14
Maud B Parry Daughter 22 Monmouthshire, Christchurch 29 14
Arthur C Parry Son 21 Auctioneer's Articled Clerk Monmouthshire, Llanhennog 29 14
Bertha H Parry Daughter 18 Monmouthshire, Caerleon 29 14
Gladys K Parry Daughter 13 Monmouthshire, Caerleon 29 14
Hilda F Parry Daughter 12 Monmouthshire, Caerleon 29 14
Norah C Parry Daughter 10 Monmouthshire, Caerleon 29 14
Gwilym Richards Visitor 29 Professional Vocalist Monmouthshire, Ynysddu 29 14
Wyndham J Pritchard Visitor 23 Auctioneers Clerk and Deputy Superintendent Registrar Monmouthshire, Chepstow 29 14
Eliza Morgan Servant 26 Cook (Domestic) Monmouthshire, Christchurch 29 14
Annie L James Servant 26 Housemaid Domestic Monmouthshire, Abercarne 29 14

These are all the occupants of one property in, or named, Goldcroft Common Caerleon.

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Caerleon District 14:

Registration District: Newport Mon
Registration Sub-District: Caerleon
Enumeration District No.: 14
Name of Enumerator: Mr Gilbert W Harding

1. Civil Parish or Parishes: Caerleon (entire)
2. Ecclesiastical Parish or Parishes: Llangattock- juxta-Caerleon (part of)
3. County Borough, Municipal Borough or Urban District: Caerleon Urban District (entire)
4. Wards of Municipal Borough or of Urban District:
5. Rural District:
6. Parliamentary Borough or Division: South Monmouthshire (part of)
7. Town, Village, or Hamlet:

Boundary of  Enumeration District: The Boundary of the Parish of Caerleon

Contents of Enumeration District

The whole of the Parish of Caerleon viz: all the houses on both sides of the road from Wharf House to the Tan House both inclusive, Usk Side Cottages, White Hart Lane, High Street, Goldcroft Common, Cross Street, Museum Street, Backhall Street, Church Street, Norman Street, Mill Street (excluding the Industrial Schools), Arthur Street, The Tram Road, Houses on Usk Road, Station Approach, the houses near the Railway Station and Forge Cottage.

Industrial Schools:

Institution Name: Industrial Schools
Description: The Separate Schools of the Newport Union
Where Situated: Mill Street, Caerleon

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