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Article about Charles Williams by Eija Kennerley

The Mynde - birthplace of Charles Williams

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Charles Williams of Caerleon. Biography of Caerleon benefactor. By Roland Ward.

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Charles Williams - His Life and His Legend

5 - Summing up

Legend or Truth?

Roland Ward, a former trustee of the Charles Williams Charity, has written two books on the subject. His first, published in 2016, is titled “Charles Williams of Carlyon His Life and His Legacy”. This was followed in 2021 by “Charles Williams of Carlyon His Life and Legend”. Roland is continuing his research and maintains a website with a wealth of information and a BLOG. Follow this link for his website.

YouTube Videos

Roland has teamed up with Dave Powell to produce 5 videos about Charles Williams:

PART 1 - Charles Williams in the context of people and places of his time.

PART 2 - A flavour of the 17th Century Caerleon that Charles Williams lived in and a house which ultimately reveals a window to his wealth.

PART 3 - An an explanation of how the families of Charles Williams and his alleged victim Edmund Morgan, are related, There's also an argument between two men in a Llanfrechfa alehouse, involving the drawing of blood.

PART 4 - Charles Williams's financial activities and his relationship with the Hanbury family.

PART 5 - Brings together the sword, the duel, Turkey, the money and the year of Edmund Morgan's death. It ends with the will of Charles Williams.