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JOHNS' Directory of Caerleon, 1934

Postal Address - Caerleon, Mon. Half Holiday - Thursday
Area 658 acres. Rateable Value, £12, 133. Population, 2,326

Caerleon is an ancient market town, civil parish and Urban District, three miles N. E. from Newport, and is a polling station for the parishes of Tredunnock, Llanhennock, Kemeys Inferior, Llanthewy Vach, Llandegveth, and Llangattock-Caerleon. It is situated on level ground on the right bank of the river Usk, and is connected by a substantial stone bridge with Caerleon village (Caerleon-Ultra-Pontem), which is in the parish of Christchurch. Geoffrey of Monmouth states that Caerleon was originally built in the third or fourth century before Christ. During the Roman occupation it was the headquarters of the second Augustan Legion, being the capital of the province of Britannia Secunda, and the remains of an amphitheatre are to been seen in a field to the south of the church, together with parts of the town wall. A new series of excavations were commenced in 1926, under the direction of the Director National Museum of Wales on a site secured and presented for the purpose by one of the principal London daily newspapers. The result has been to lay bare many very interesting buildings and foundations. Choice specimens of Roman pottery, amber, ornaments, etc. have also been recovered, and the work is still proceeding. There is likewise a large artificial mound now known as the Mount. As early as A.D. 314 Caerleon was the seat of a Bishopric (283 years before the arrival of St. Augustine). It is also noteworthy for its historical connection with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Many valuable and interesting relics of the Roman occupation have been discovered and are deposited in the Legionary Museum, admission to which can be obtained on application at the Schoolhouse opposite. At the Hanbury Arms there is a room where Tennyson wrote part of his "Idylls of the King." The Afon Llwyd or Torvain, which rises on the western side of the Blorenge mountain, joins the Usk a little to the N.E. of the town. There is a railway station connected with Newport, Pontypool, and Hereford section of the Great Western system, and the Eastern Valleys line to Cwmhran, Pontvpool and Blaenavon.

PLACES OF WORSHIP. - Parish Church, S. Cadoc. Rev. Hugh Owen Williams, M. A., vicar. Services: Sundays, 8 am. 11., and 6. Churchwardens, Thos. Parry and C. W. Lake. Organist and Choirmaster, Alfred Harris. Roman Catholic church in High Street. There are also Baptist and Methodist chapels. The parish is in the Rural Deanery of Newport, and Archdeaconry and Diocese of Monmouth. A beautiful War Memorial taking the form of a Lych Gate was unveiled and dedicated at the parish church in 1920 by Bishop Crossley, and a town's War Memorial has also been erected.
POSTAL. - E. A. Green, postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive (from Newport) at 4 15 a.m., 9.15 am (North), and 2.45 p.m., and are dispatched thereto at 12, 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. It is a Money order, Telegraph office, and Savings bank office, and Telephone.
COUNTY COUNCILLORS. - Thomas Parry, J. P. and Cleeves Leyson Llewellin.
URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. -  A. K. Jones (chairman), Philip Mills, Morgan Davies, W. G. Lovett, R. G. Wilkinson, I. F. Williams, Alfred Voss and W. N. Collins. Meets first Wednesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. R. Green, collector. Clerk, Major Mostyn Llewellin. Medical officer, Dr. F. H. C. Watson, M. B., C. H. B.
SURVEYOR. - Frank Swash.
ENDOWED SCHOOL. - Founded and endowed in the Year 1724, by Charles Williams Esq. The endowment produces about £900 annually from the letting of various farms and land in the County, and from dividends on money invested. John Moxon, acting clerk, Newport. Boys' School - Walter Lovatt, master. Girls' - Miss Justine Morgan, mistress. Infants' - Miss
NEWPORT ASYLUM. - Accommodation is provided for 368, with administrative offices sufficient for 500 patients. Dr. Magnus Mackay, resident medical officer; and Mr. J. Bass,
READING ROOM. - Council chamber.
PETTY SESSIONS for the district are held every month. Mostyn Llewellin, clerk, Stow Hill, Newport.
G.W.R. STATION.- J. Taylor, stationmaster.
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from Cecil Terrace
1 Armstrong John, tinworker
2 Stamp Wm., tinworker
3 Williams Mrs. Rachel
4 Nash Harry, roadman
5 Wilson Mrs. F. C.
6 Waters Bertram J.
7 Evans John, tinworker
8 Edmonds Mrs. Sarah
9 Vickery Harry, tinworker
10 Helmore A. W., G.W.R.
11 Burgham Wm. J., tinworker
12 Pattemore Arthur. G.W.R.
13 Roberts Gilbert Roy, tinworker
14 Jones Richard R., watchman
15 Jones Mrs. Mary M.
16 Evans James B., tinworker
17 Burgharn Wm., tinworker
18 Mayo Charles, tinworker
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from 17 Mill Street to Cross Street
Jobbins Miss, tea shop
1 Davies D. T.
2 Watts Mrs. Clara
3 Bellringer Mrs. Annie
4 Miller Rees, G.W.R.
5 Underwood Arthur, printer
6 Young M. J., G.P.O.
7 Watts Cecil George
8 Griffiths Wm., G.W.R.
9 Holmes W. G., ironworker
Williams Lewis, gardener
10 Banner H., butcher
11 Strong John, tinworker
12 Young George, tinworker
13 Sweet Jack, ironworker
Sadler J. C., London Inn
15 Povall Arthur R., labourer
16 Mills Philip, G.W.R.
17 Cross Miss Emily
18 Bolton J. W., chauffeur
19 Evans Evan, labourer
20 Lloyd Wm. E., tinworker
21 Jones Mrs.
22 Brown Mrs. C. G.
23 Whittle R., tinworker
Harris Mrs. Annie, Lynne house
Morgan Misses C. & M., The Hall
24 Dowle A. J., G.W.R.
25 Waggett Fred, G.W.R.
26 Davies Edris, newsagent
27 Ricketts Mrs. E.
28 Kilverton Hugh, tinworker
29 Kembray Mrs. Eliza
30 Stewart Rupert, gardener
31 Waters Herbert G.W.R.
32 Sargant Wm. haycutter
33 Brangham Mrs Annie, shop
34 Headon Charles gardener
35 Edwards Thomas, baker
36 Pearce A. E. lorry driver
Davies Mrs. M. Red Lion
31 Griffiths Herbert, ironworker
38 Thyer Henry, G.W.R.
39 Simmonds W. C., tinworker
40 Willavise K. C., ironworker
41 Holmes F. P., ironworker
42 Oakey Alfred S., G.W.R.
43 Davies Tom G., butcher
44 Thomas Fred, labourer
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from Station Road to Lodge.
la Williams Ivor A., school attendance officer
lb Void
lc Void
ld Ayliffe Mrs. Margaret E.
1 Williams Joseph, tinworker
2 Nichols Reginald, relieving officer
3 Davies Alfred E., blacksmith
4 Meredyth Ioam
5 Stretton Miss Connie, teacher
6 Davies Edgar Vincent, mechanic
7 Bolton Arthur Edward
8 Saunders A., fitter
9 Nickless W. H., G.W.R.
10 Williams Gilbert, clerk
11 Banner Henry J., butcher
12 Tilney Edgar Arthur, G.W.R.
13 Laycock Miss M. J.
14 Wyld Evan Edward, tinworker
15 Davies J. R., carpenter
16 Thorn Chas. G., G.W.R.
17 Roberts Robert
18 West George, musician
Edmunds Mrs. Beatrice May
Deacon Wilfred J., Landowne
Parry Wm.., Limberlost
Parry J. H., Limberlost
Voss Alfred, teacher, Gayla
Banner Hugh, Glen Rose
Surrey Horace E., Kia-Ora
28 Inghram George
29 Jones Fred
Thomas Francis David, excise officer
Williams Wm.
Brangham Ernest, traveller. The Tors
George P. E., sea captain, Rheola
Broad house - void
De-Paula Mrs. Irene, Priory lodge
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from Hanbury Garage, High Street
4 Hill Sidney George
3 Jones Miss M. E.
2 Banner Thomas V., fellman
1 Evans Clarence G., clerk
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from High Street
12 Hutchings Wm., building contractor
11 Williams Thomas, tinworker
10 Young B. W., carpenter
9 Talmadge Charles
7 Barnaby Miss M., The Manse
6 Williams W. G., bus driver
5 Horman W.G., bus driver
4 Clarke Wm.
3 Bowden Thomas
2 Wollan George A., roadman
1 Williams Mrs. Sarah
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from 5 Mill Street
1 Greenaway W. L., tinworker
2 Rigg Mrs. Annie
3 Stamp Gilbert, tinworker
4 Bennett Charles, docker
5 Hewinson H., gasworker
6 Sollars John, gardener
here is Arthur Street
7 Kelly Ernest, steelworker
8 Gear Edward, tinworker
9 Jenkins A. J., seaman
10 Mills Frederick, painter
11 Young Eli G., tinworker
12 Fardoe F., labourer
13 Goad J. K., milk vendor
14 Turner E. G., carpenter
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from Town hall, High St. to Backhall Street
1 Jones Garfield, confectioner and newsagent
2 Davies Hubert L., tinworker
3 Hodges John T., tinworker
4 Marsh Wm., electrical engineer
5 Dally Thomas J., G.W.R.
6 Flew James, G.W.R.
7 Jamie William, ironworker
8 Williams Mrs.
9 Phillips Wm.
10 Richards Mrs., Thursa
11 Harris John, chimney sweep
12 Miles John, labourer
Griffin Wm. J., Vine cottage
13 Giddings Jack, gardener
14 Campion E, W., carpenter
15 Hines Mrs. Mary Ann
16 Derrick Mrs. F. E.
17 Sadler Joseph, stamper
18 Hill H. R., labourer
19 Moseley George
20 Hopkins Felton, tinworker
21 Stamp --., shearer
22 Baker --., lorry driver
23 Stewart Mrs. Elizabeth
24 Richards Mrs. Laura
25 James Wm. H., labourer
26 Hole Fred, tinworker
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from Lodge Road to Railway
Nash Mrs.
Caerleon Race Course
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from Ponthir Road
Thomas Henry C., Taly-Garn
Tamplin John, St. Dunstans
Francis Percy W., The Bungalow
Buck Wm. John, colliery manager, Gellygron
John Ivor Bertram, M.A., Principal Training College, The Residence
Westren Herbert, College Lodge
Christie Miss Caroline, matron, The College
Webley Thos. John, master, The College
McGinn Dr. John, F.R.C.S., J.P., Tattysallah
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from the Bull Inn, High Street, to Backhall Street
1 Bennett Mrs. Sarah Annie
2 Thornee G. F. & Sons, grocers
3 Greenway Mrs. Catherine
4 Void
5 Shierson N. E., draper
6 Co-operative Stores
7 Mills Cecil, greengrocer
8 Green Edwin Arnold, Post office
9 Mansfield John J., tinworker
10 Mullener George, butcher
11 True George H., boot repairer
12 Davies Mrs. J.
13 Strong H. J., tinworker
14 Singleton Frederick, tinworker
15 Watkins Thomas, G.W.R.
Stark G. W., Prospect house
16 Golledge Arthur, painter
17 Jenkins M. H., boot repairer
18 Davies Edward A., greengrocer
19 Jenkins Mrs. Clara
20 Parker W. D., tinworker
21 Rawle Joseph, general shop
22 Crossman Henry, gardener
23 Bowden George, forgeman
24 Morris Frank, gardener
25 Stafford George, G.W.R.
26 Stewart John, fellmonger
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from Ponthir Road
1 Blunt Wm. H., tinworker
2 Williams Mrs. Agnes B.
3 Davies George, tinworker
4 Burgham Fred, foreman
Lewis Thomas, Forge farm
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from Station Road to High Sheet
Morgan Thos., butcher
Garfields Jones tobacconist, confectioner and newsagent.
Jones Luther, Goldcroft Inn
Stafford Percival H., Caerau
Bolten Mrs. J.
Young Walter, tinworker
Jones Austin K., Senlac
Walker Thomas, timber merrchant
Roberts W.
Lewis Mrs.
Kembrey Edward J.
Vaughan Charles
Baulch Harold undertaker, Penry House
Green R. W., Coed Nant
Marsh Wm. H., Beeston House
Dean Miss Olive Irene, schoolmistress
Caller Walter, Drovers Arms
Marsh E., tinworker
Dumphie Charles Capt., Danebury
Chilcott Francis, Elston cottage
Woolen Arthur, Angel Hotel
Simmonds & Sons grocers
Davies George
Roberts F. W., Ailbryn
Francis Clifford Lichfield
Stormouth D. W., works manager, Dilga
White Stephen Richard, butcher, Cantal
Lewis Mrs Amy, Rbos-celyn
Edwards David, police station
Rees Col. Blethyn Treharne, The Croft
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from High Street
12 Lewis Samuel, fish bar
13 Friskney F.
14 Hall Frederick, annealer
15 Brewer Frank, roadman
16 White Miss Rose
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from Town Hall to River Bridge
Cookes W. J., agricultural stores
Cookes Mrs., Amphitheatre cafe
Williams Rev. Hugh Owen M., The Vicarage
1 Miles Wm., bricklayer
2 Powell Arthur, G.W.R.
3 Storey Mrs. Loie
4 Stallard Miss F. J., teacher
5 Golledge Alfred, painter and plumber
6 Jones Mrs. Agnes
Ford Harold, motor engineer
Harrie Edwin, tinworker, Farnham House
Jones Humphrey, Bull Inn
Osborne Mrs. M. J., The Firs
Barclays Bank
9 Berry Peter, general shop
10 Bateman Reg., hairdresser
11 Hayward John, bricklayer
Harris Wm., bootmaker
Nork Mrs.Amy, Magnolia
Carpenter P. L., Ash cottage
Peake Charlton, Mound cottage
15 Brown John, G.W.R.
Bowen ---., caretaker, The Mount
16 Jones Samuel
17 Lewis Herbert John, painter
18 Morgan Thomas, bricklayer
Berry Mrs. L., Ty-Graig
here is Uskside
Coles Arthur Charles, Hanbury Arms
Here is River Bridge
Bennett R. R., Hanbury garage
20 Taylor Wm., water bailiff
21 Marchant George H., tinworker
22 Skinner Thomas
23 Simms Charles, gardener
24 Jones Samuel, ironmonger
Edmunds B. R., Caerleon house
Jones Samuel, carpenter
27 Waters C. E., G.W.R.
28 Skuse Wm., butcher
here is White Hart Lane
Walkley Albert E., White Hart Hotel
Davies Mrs., confectioner
Davies William Homfray, Bank house
Strong H. E., tea rooms
32 Cannon John H., painter
Keene James P., Hollywood House
Webb Sir Henry, The Priory
Rickard Fredk. E., tobacconist
Watson Dr. F. H. C., MB., CH.B., Broad Towers
here is Broadway leading to Amphitheatre
Lovett Walter G., schoolhouse
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from Broadwalk to Lodge Avenue
Morris Dr. W. A., St. Elmo
Davies John, colliery manager, Kingsvale
Gabriel J. R., college master, Fern Villa
Lewis John. Moss villa
Collins Wm. N., North Elm
Arnold Arthur Wm., ironmonger, Hazel House
Taylor Alfred, stationmaster, Rose villa
Badman C. H., Varteg
Phillips Rev. J. R., Ty-Clyd
Arthur E. J., High Croft
Barnes, Nurse
Seddon John, carpenter, Grey Bungalow
Carter Charles A., coal merchant, Arthur Cottage
Nash Mrs. Mary Stove, Style cottage
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1 Perkins Henry
2 Munkley Thomas J.
3 Allen Wm. R.
4 Bound William
5 Akehurst Ernest
6 Geary J. C.
7 Pope Cyril
S Cook James R.
9 Evans Robert
10 Williams Victor
11 James Harold
12 Hussey Walter J.
13 Richards, Reginald
Lyons Harry, The Knoll
Morgan Wm.Charles, Larkhill
Jordon William F., Craigwell
Price Alfred, Sunnybank
Tugwell Charles E., Penylan
Bass John Henry, Barrowby
Mill George, electrician, The Lodge
Mackay Dr. Magnus, Pollards Well
Davies John. chief attendant Mental Hosp., The Lodge
Parry Thomas, Talybont
Howard Miss, matron Mental Hospital
Harris Charles, bailiff, Home Farm
Davies William Thomas, Ashleigh
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from Angel Hotel, Goldcroft Common to Uskside
1 Kilvington F. E.
3 Campbell Robert, boilermaker
4 Morton George, G.W.R.
5 Mapp E. J., chauffeur
6 Watkins Arthur, fitter
7 Grady Mrs. E.
8 Brangham Miss N.
9 Baulch Frank, civil servant
10 Edwards George
11-12 Bateman Wm., fish bar
13 Dixon John, tinworker
14 Void
15 Bennett Miss Lola
16 Edwards H. W. G., fitter
17 Edwards J. H., steward
here is Backhall Street
24 Hutchings Mrs. Emma
25 Gill Alex, labourer26 Barker Benjamin, moulder
26a Griffiths William J., clerk
27 James Miss Jane
Morgan Mrs. L., Millbrook House
Woolan George Anthony, tinworker
Davies Morgan, Tanhouse Farm
Macdonald George, Willow Cottage
Cambria House, Public Assistance Homes
- T. A. Beech, master; Robert J. Fleming, assistant master
29 Harris Joseph. gardener
30 Gray Miss A.
31 Young Arthur, labourer
32 Bunting Arthur
33 George Mrs. B.
34 Ford Mrs. Martha
35 Taylor George, tinworker
36 Davies Ernest, fitter
Edmonds J. W., Broadwell
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From the Museum, High Street, to Backhall Street
1 Askquith Arthur W., tinworker
2 Pearce Martin S., roadman
3 Nash Robert, tinworker
4 Gray Mrs. Annie
5 Davies Mrs. E. H.
6 Jones Joseph. tinworker
7 Nash Mrs. L. E.
Telephone Call Office
25 Stafford George, G.W.R.
26 Stewart John, fellmonger
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from 4 Mill Street to Church Street
1 Lewis Robert John, motor driver
2 Jones W. H., painter
3 Jones Charles A., postman
4 Young J. W., gardener
5 Young Benj. Wm., ironworker
6 Dowle Tom, painter
7 Bowerman Frank, postman
8 Phillips Mrs. E. A.
9 Davies Sidney J., tinworker
10 James Victor, chauffeur
Miss G.A.B. Jones,
11 Dixon John, tinworker
12 Jones Mrs. C.
13 Anderson Alexander
Dyer Mrs. M. J., Norman House
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from Norman Street
Williams Mrs., Cheslyn
Pugh Aubrey. Rosedene
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from Ponthir to Station Road
Westren H. F., clerk, Inglenook
Evans W. D., tinworker, Gwynfryn
Friend Henry, Bryn Hafod
Wilson Chas. H., Cranleigh
Scannell R. C., clerk, The Crest
Warburton Jesse F., tinworker, Glen View
Evans Thomas M., clerk, Lumley
Bythway Hugh Milton, Glyn-Hir
Buck David, colliery proprietor, Pentwyn
Murfin William, Sunningdale
White Mrs. Gertrude, High Fields
Banner John. fellmonger, Hill Grove
Banner Wm., fellmonger, Fair Field
Lake Conrad Wm., Merridale
Roberts Miss Alice, Linslade
Williams Reg. F., printer, Devonian House
Hancocks Herbert B., Vorda
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from Ponthir Road
1 Barrett Charles, reporter
2 Watkins Alfred George
3 Williams Mrs. Kate
4 Lusty George R., electrical engineer
5 Banner John, fellman
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From Goldcroft Common to Station Approach
1 Wright George, boot repairer
1a Lusty G. R., engineer
Humphries John, fishmonger
1b Lewis A. V., chemist
2 Coopey Lewis W., G.W.R.
3 Jones Herbert E., baker
4 Brangham L., traveller
Jones Arthur Evan, grocer
Gardner Joseph, G.W.R., Himada
Herbert Mrs. F, J., Brynderwen
Pearce A. S., Brynhfydd
Broomfield Samuel, accountant, Graylands
Waite W. J., insurance agent, South View
Jones Rev. W. J., Baptist minister, TyGwlia
Stone Albert E., Coldcroft Villa
True Harry, G.W.R., Glen Dower
Sadler C. & L., drapers and outfitters
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from Uskside to Mill Street
1 Roberts William J., tinworker
2 Underwood Mrs. Catherine
3 Roberts William P., tinworker
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from Castle Street to Mill Street
Coles Arthur Charles, Hanbury Arms
2 Strong G. W., tinworker
3 Batt Edward, labourer
4 Snook B. R., contractor
5 Tripp William
6 Void
7 Wood John, cranedriver
8 Stoddart, Mrs. M, J.
9 Richards George, gardener
10 Dixon Leonard, tinworker
11 Merchant Leonard, tinworker
Ledger F., roadman, Devonia
Barter Chas., market gardener, Bungalow
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from White Hart Hotel to High Street
Carver Lemuel, Bream house
Lewis Herbert, Hanbury cottage
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Jeffries W., shopkeeper. Old Toll House
Bevan Charles, gardener, Yew Tree cottage
Burns John Coulter, Lulworth House
Davies David, Ashwell house
Davies Frederick, King's Arms Cottages
Derrett Mrs. F., Holly House
Dowden Geo., King's Arms
Guy Samuel, ironworker, Fern Cottage
Greenland G. P. Great House
Harris George, Ashwell
Heath Jim, Ship Hotel
Higgs M., taxi driver
James Harry, Ivy Cottage
Jones Charles, solicitor, The Grange
Lyne E. L., Clawdd
Lloyd Major W. E., Newport Borough engineer
Phillips A., Spring Grove
Taylor Wm., Ashwell Cottage
Wall E. R., Glandwyr
White G., Bullmoor Road
White Harold Edward, Bell Inn
Young N. J., Belle Vue