Cambria House Journal

Number 10, August 1939


On July 10th two years ago, we came to Cambria House, after having spent two months in Southampton. We came to England on 23rd May 1937. First we were taken to Southampton where we stayed for two months. On July 10th some good comrades took charge of us and brought us to this house where we are happy and very well treated. We came to Newport by train, and there were some members of the Committee and some other people waiting for us. They brought us here, where they gave us a splendid reception, as they had already done in Newport. We had something to eat, and then went into the yard to play. There they took several photographs of us, - of the boys playing football, and of us girls playing ring games etc.

When we came, we were 20 girls and 30 boys. Later on, 7 other girls came. They had been elsewhere but they had brothers here. We have all spent two happy years, during which time we have learned many useful things. Here we have all had some good times and some sad times for our parents stayed in Spain up to the last moment, and we have often had news which is not to our liking.

Here we have lived like brothers and sisters. Now, 15 of our companions have had to go back to Spain because their parents, who were unfortunate enough to have remained there, wanted to see their children again. These comrades have left room for others who, like myself, cannot go back to Spain, because their parents are refugees in France.

But however far away we may be, we shall never forget the workers of Wales who have helped us in these horrible times, and we shall never forget the good time these comrades have given us in Cambria House.



What is war? What is the use of it? These questions have often been asked and I am going to try to answer them.

War is the cause of all the ruin and plagues that fill the world today, and it is caused by the vileness of a few persons like Hitler and Mussolini, and some others. The more they have the more they want. To them it is no matter if other people must suffer privations and die by the million through starvation, while they enjoy fine banquets.

As I have said, war is the greatest of all catastrophes. Nothing is achieved by it except the destruction of homes and of whole cities, and the death of people who have never wanted to make war.

Do you know what wars are for? They exist only in order that nations may spend thousands of millions of pounds on armaments, in order to destroy people, - money that could be used for the purpose of giving work to the unemployed of the world.

I think that this article, inadequate as it is, shows that wars serve no good purpose at all.


.. You do not realise what war means, but as for me (and there are many like me) I have seen war at close quarters, and I have felt it in all its crudity. I tell you that it is a thing that you must never allow, unless you want to lose your children, your husbands and wives, your brothers and sisters, in other words, if you do not want to see the destruction of your homes, - those homes which to us workers cost so much sweat.



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