Cambria House Journal

Number 4, February 1939


At eight o'clock in the morning, we set out from Cambria House, to catch the train for Cardiff. We arrived there at about nine o'clock, and went from the station to Mr. O'Dare's house where they gave us refreshments, and where we were able to get warm. A little while afterwards, they took us to a shed where we changed our clothes and at once went out into the field.

Jack Petersen, the boxer, kicked off, and very nearly scored a goal in our favour. It was a really exciting game, as both teams played well. Several of our players distinguished themselves, - Gabriel by his fine passes, and Juan and Enrique by very neatly trapping the ball. The football field was covered with mud, so that our boots were all sinking into it. In the end we lost the match by two goals to one.

Afterwards, we went to a number of different houses to have a bath. We had a meal at Mr. O'Dare's house, and then went to see the Cardiff City match, at which Cardiff gained a victory by 2 goals to nil. As soon as this match was over, we had tea with the boys against whom we had been playing, and they presented us with a big basket of fruit, which pleased us very much.

After this, we went to the Station, to catch the train for Caerleon. We arrived in Cambria House at ten o'clock at night, when all the others were asleep.


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