Cambria House Journal

Number 7, May 1939

Basque Children's Home,
Cambria House,
Telephone Caerleon 280


From Mrs. T. S., Monmouth:

Dear Madam,

Will you please tell me why the Spanish children have not gone home? Their country is at peace now, and we have enough poor children of our own without having to look after foreign children.

I think they should all be sent home.

Our reply:

Dear Madam,

Your question resolves itself in two, one concerning the repatriation of the Spanish children, and the other concerning our children.

The reason that the children have not gone home is that few have parents in a position to receive them; most of their parents are in Franco prisons or in French refugee camps. Five have no parents. A few who have parents in Spain may return shortly, but it is likely that they will be replaced by children from other Homes who cannot go back. So we may expect to have to maintain the same number (56) for many months yet.

As for our own poor children, we agree that their claims must not be overlooked; but hasn't it struck you that it is precisely the people who help refugee children who do the most for our own?

From Mrs. I.I.B., Swansea:

Dear Sir,

My husband thinks that your Home gets a subsidy from the Government, but I am certain that you do not. Please let me know about this.

Our reply:

Dear Madam,

You are right; we do not get a subsidy from the Government. This Home is entirely supported by the voluntary subscriptions from the people of Wales, and by the children's own efforts (concerts, models of ships, fancy work, etc.)


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