Cambria House Journal

Number 9, July 1939


On July 10th, 1937, we arrived at Cambria House, where we have been so well treated. Here, we have learned so many things. It is here that we have learned all the English we know, and we have learned something of carpentry and many other things.

On May 20th, 1937, we set sail for England. After three days on the sea, during which we all got sea-sick, we arrived at Southampton where we lived for two months in tents. Then, on July 10th,  they brought us here to Cambria House.

It is here that the football team was organised, that played successfully against champion players from Newport schools, and played a Cardiff team that had won the Seagre Cup.

It is here too, that the concert party was organised, that gave a number of concerts last winter, and will also give several concerts in the open air this summer. The money that is raised through these football matches and concerts goes towards the maintenance of the home.

In Cambria House, the Cambria House Journal was founded, and such was the interest shown in the articles it contained, that it became popular throughout Wales, and a part of England. This could not have come about but for the good salesmen we have found, and to whom we are very grateful.

We have been nearly all over South Wales, where we have had some very good times. What we like most is the large number of concerts and matches.

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