Cambria House Journal

Number 2, December 1938


FINANCIAL SUPPORT; A child can be "adopted" by individuals or groups, who pay 10/-  a week towards his or her maintenance, and keep in touch with him by means of letters, parcels, and, where possible, occasional visits. Collecting cards, for groups or individuals, can be supplied on application to the Secretary.

Concerts and football matches with the children can be arranged by writing to the secretary, Mr. J. Williams, at Cambria House, Caerleon, Newport, Mon.

Materials for the Carpentry and Sewing Classes are urgently needed.

A room has been opened as a sitting-room and library for the older girls; gifts of books would be much appreciated.

Cambria House is open to visitors on Sundays, and at other times by appointment. Those who would like one or more of the children to pay them a week-end visit are asked to write to the Warden, Mrs. Fernandez, at Cambria House.

The house will be closed from Dec. 26th to Jan. 8th, during which time the children will be staying with friends.


Sunday 4th. Concert in Tredegar.

Thursday 8th. Concert in Varteg, organised by the Pontypool Basque Children's Committee.

Friday 9th. Concert in the Church Hall, Crumlin, Local artistes as well as the children.

Sunday 11th. Concert in Tonypandy.

Y mae plant y Basgiaid sy'n byw yn hen brifddinas Arthur yn dymuno Nadolig Llawen i bobl Cymru.

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