Cambria House Journal

Number 5, March 1939


It is now four months since we started publishing a monthly paper which we called the Cambria House Journal.

This paper is made up from articles written by us boys and girls.

Our first number was published in November. It contained only four pages and had no cover. The second had seven pages and also a cover with a drawing of a dancing girl. This was the Christmas number.

The duplicating machine used for these two numbers was not a very good one. The papers had to be put in by hand, and we also had to count them. This was very tedious.

Then came the January number which was duplicated with a new machine, - a much better one which picked up the papers itself, so that we did not have to put them in by hand. It counts them too. As our readers can see, our paper has been getting better all the time, and more and more like an official one.

Some numbers are not so good, but we beg pardon for the mistakes.

Of our March number we hope to sell 4000 copies.

So now for the four thousand!

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Cambria House Journal

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