Cambria House Journal

Number 1, November 1938


It is with pleasure that we introduce the first number of the Cambria House journal. Here are a few articles written by the children, showing their impressions of Wales, how they feel about the struggle which has orphaned so many of them, and how proud they are of their sturdy football team.

Although they have often been slandered by those who do not scruple to misrepresent these helpless children as "murderous little wretches" in order to make political propaganda out of their misery, these little refugees have, of the whole, gained a pleasant impression of the land which has given them shelter, and where they have been shown so much kindness. They appreciate the generous hospitality which has often forgotten the boundaries of race and creed, in order to show compassion to the innocent victims of wars' ugliest horrors. Wherever they have gone, with their concert party or football team, or as the guests of a school or family, they have found a warm welcome among the hills and valleys of hospitable Cambria.

Not only do they find food and shelter at Cambria House, but they are also being educated there and they spend the greater part of their time at school, taught by two Spanish and three British teachers. No branch of their education is neglected, as far as is possible with the limited means available, and they learn English and Carpentry, and enjoy First-Aid and Keep Fit Classes, as well as the usual school subjects.

At present they spend part of their spare time knitting woollen garments to be sent to Spain (the wool having been given them expressly for this purpose). The rest of their leisure is shared between household duties and the making of articles for their sale of work which takes place on 3rd December, commencing at 3 p.m. It is hoped that friends will send along articles for this sale and come along with filled purses and empty shopping baskets, to buy their presents there, and help the Basque Children out of the financial difficulties which threaten them.

A wnewch chwi rywbeth i helpu'r dieithryn sydd o fewn eich pyrth?

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