Cambria House Journal

Number 12 October 1939


The children under our care know a lot about A.R.P., and they have gained this knowledge through their experience during the Spanish war. They are unanimously in favour of deep underground shelters, which can be made completely bomb-proof, and, as a make-shift, shallow trenches in a zig-zag formation.


Tunnels are very good shelters for people to get into. I think the shelters they have made in England are not very good ones. They are useful only when a person can't get to a tunnel, and he can get in there so that flying debris won't harm him.

A trench is also a good thing during a bombardment, unless a bomb falls right inside it. Trenches should not be very deep, because if a little earth falls on a person, he can still get out, but if the trench is very deep he can't.



Trenches are useful for many things. When they make trenches, they make them in zig-zag form, and do you know why they make them that way? It is because a bomb is not likely to fall right inside a trench, but if it does, only the people in one part will be killed, and the others will be safe. If a trench were straight, and a bomb fell in it, all the people would be killed.

The "Terrible Twins"


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