Cambria House Journal

Number 3, January 1939


One day, some time ago, a man thought of flying like the birds. After many experiments, he made a kind of elongated cage, with a pair of wings, a rudder, and two other smaller wings at the back, a propeller and wheels. That was the first aeroplane.

Then came the year 1914, the year of sorrow. This was the first war in which aeroplanes were used, and wherever those metallic birds went, they sowed pain and misery with their machine-guns, their bombs and their gases.

The war came to an end. The planes were perfected. Lighter and more modern engines were used. Until a little while ago, they were an aid to civilisation, as they were used for transports, mails etc.

But alas! Now another war is being prepared, and the engines are roaring, ready to devour human flesh, - the flesh of innocent children, women, and old people.

Now it will not be the harmless aeroplane that brought us food from distant places. Now they will bring us death.



If you come one day to visit Cambria House, you will see us very happy.

If you come in the morning, you will see Mrs. Sancho holding a bell and making it ring; then we get up and we make our beds, and after we get ready to eat our breakfast and clean the house; after, Mrs. Sancho rings the bell again and we go to school; after, Mrs. Sancho rings the bell again and we go out of school; after we enter school again and after school we have our dinner ready and we eat it.

We spend the afternoon in the same way, and we are really happy.



Perhaps you are not rich. You would not be able to "adopt" a child by paying us 10/- (50p) a week towards his maintenance. But your club, your trade union, your church or chapel might do so. If your friends can arrange this, we shall see that they are kept in touch with their adopted son or daughter.

Is there a Basque Children's Committee in your district? If not, can you help form one?

Has our football team visited your district? Has our concert party done so? If not, perhaps you can make a start by organising a match or concert. The boys in our football team, (who have been adopted en bloc by the South Wales Miners' Federation) have often been able to hold their own against teams which had a great advantage over them in weight. Everybody likes to see them play, and everybody likes the Spanish and Basque folk songs and dances interpreted by our young artists. If you can help us in any of these ways, please communicate with our secretary, Mr. Jack Williams.


TIMBER, for the carpentry class.

CLOTHING, and material for the sewing class. We find a good use for everything sent to us. What we cannot use ourselves we send to Eastern Spain. Our girls are experts at using up old woollen garments by undoing them to get the wool, and knitting new jumpers to suit their own requirements.

SCHOOL MATERIAL. Paper, pens, pencils, India rubbers, atlases, chalk, crayons, paint-boxes and similar things are always useful. There is always a demand for books and papers in Spanish. Very simple ones in English may also be useful, especially if they contain many pictures.

BANDAGES, and other First Aid material.

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